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Project Manager for the Project Implementation Unit - Individual Consultant


Moldova Solid Waste Project


I. Position Information

Project Title:



Job Title (part-time position):



Duration of employment:




Moldova Solid Waste Project

Project Manager

60 months

Full time


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (“EBRD” or “the Bank”) is providing a sovereign loan of up to EUR 25 million (the “Loan” or “EBRD Loan”) to the Republic of Moldova (the “Borrower”) to finance critical improvements in the solid waste management system across the country (the “Moldova Solid Waste Project” or the “Project”). The Ministry of Environment (“MoEnv” or the “Client”) is the promoter of the Project and the main authority developing waste management policies and regulations, as well as the main Governmental counterpart to oversee the Project implementation.

The National Waste Management Strategy 2013-2027 (NWMS) foresees the regionalization of currently fragmented waste management services into 8 Waste Management Zones (“WMZs”).

The EBRD Loan of EUR 25 million will be co-financed by a EUR 25 million loan from the European Investment Bank (“EIB”) to support several WMZs.  The EBRD loan and the EIB loans to the Borrower to be on-granted to the Local Public Authorities (the “Beneficiaries” or the “LPAs”), responsible for solid waste management (“SWM”) in their respective WMZs.

The investments will vary from zone to zone but will essentially support the financing of waste collection and transfer infrastructure (waste containers, vehicles for waste collection and supervision), construction of solid waste disposal and treatment infrastructure (landfills, sorting plants, composting plants, transfer stations), closure of the dumpsites, and staffing of the dedicated National Office for Implementation of Environmental Projects (NOIEP) at the MoEnv.

The EBRD Loan will be provided in several tranches to support the investments in several WMZs.

EBRD Loan - Tranche 1 (EUR 6.94 million), committed at Loan signing, will focus on co-financing investments in a pilot region - Waste Management Zone 5, comprising of three rayons Ungheni, Calarasi and Nisporeni rayons (the “WMZ 5” or “Pilot Zone”). The total capital investments for WMZ 5 under the current Project is estimated at EUR 19.48 million, expected to be financed from three sources: EUR 6.94 million as Tranche I of the EBRD Loan, co-financed by an equal amount (EUR 6.94 million) from the EIB loan and the EUR 5.6 million investment grant from the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (“E5P”), managed by the EBRD.

EBRD Loan - Tranche 2 (ca. EUR 7.14 million), to be committed at a later stage, will focus on co-financing investments in Waste Management Zone 8 (the “WMZ 8”). The total capital investments for WMZ 8 under the current Project is estimated at c. EUR 19.68 million, expected to be financed from three sources: EBRD loan, EIB loan, donor(s).

EBRD Loan - Tranche 3 (ca. EUR 10.32 million), to be committed at a later stage, will focus on co-financing investments in Waste Management Zone 1 (the “WMZ 1”). The total capital investments for WMZ 1 under the current Project is estimated at c. EUR 28.34 million, expected to be financed from three sources: EBRD loan, EIB loan, donor(s).

Commitment of Tranche 2 and Tranche 3 is subject to completion of due diligence for the relevant region(s) and achievement of Conditions Precedent for commitment and disbursement for the corresponding tranches.

Key stakeholders of the Project:

•         Borrower: Republic of Moldova;

•         Co-financiers: EBRD, EIB, E5P, and/or other international donors.

•         Beneficiaries: Key Local Public Authorities (“Key LPA”), the Inter-municipal Joint Stock Companies “Regional SWM Operator(s)” or “Regional Operator(s)”) as there will be one in each WMZ; other local authorities in the respective WMZs willing to be serviced by the Regional Operator in respective WMZ.

•         Key Local Public Authorities: the localities that are critical for the viability of the Project in the respective WMZ, without which the Project would not be sustainable (e.g. in case of WMZ 5 – Ungheni town, Nisporeni town, Calarasi town; in the case of WMZ 8 – Edinet town, Donduseni town, Ocnita town, Briceni town; and in the case of WMZ  1 - Cahul town, Cantemir town, Taraclia town, and Comrat town (Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia).

•         Client (Project Implementation Agency): Ministry of Environment, the line ministry responsible for solid waste management sector.

•         The National Office for Implementation of Environmental Projects (NOIEP), subordinated to the Ministry of Environment,  appointed to the role of Project Implementation Unit (PIU)  in order to coordinate, manage, monitor and evaluate all aspects of Project implementation.

•        A Project Management Unit (PMU) will be set up within the PIU to help manage and implement the Project. The PMU will comprise a number of specialists, to be hired under the Project, to coordinate and manage the Project’s management and implementation activities on a day-to-day basis, including the technical assistance components and coordination between the Project’s stakeholders and the Bank, including the required monitoring and reporting.

The PIU will also share project implementation responsibilities with the Regional Operator, as and where appropriate.

MoEnv, in coordination with the Bank, intends to hire a Project Manager on a full-time basis.


The objective of the Assignment is to facilitate the timely and effective implementation of the Project, by performing the management functions of the Client.



•        The Client has nominated the NOIEP as the PIU for the Project. 

•        A PMU will be set up within the PIU to help manage and implement the Project. The PMU will be subordinated to the Director of the PIU and will act as an interface between the Client, Key LPAs and other local public authorities, central administration of Republic of Moldova, EBRD as well as other Projects Co-Financiers, other relevant Projects’ stakeholders as well as with contractors/ suppliers and consultants working under the Project. The PMU main responsibility will be to plan, implement and monitor, in a timely and fashionable manner in accordance with the relevant laws of the Republic of Moldova; EBRD and the Projects Co-financiers Guidelines, Policies and Rules, the Project.

•        The PIU will be further supported by the Project Implementation Support and Construction Supervision consultant (financed by additional technical cooperation funds identified or to be identified with EBRD support).


    4.1  General functions

1.      Carrying out the Project in accordance with the Project Financing Agreements[1], and duly perform its obligations under the Projects Agreements.

2.      Ensuring the timely implementation of the Project in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Moldova, Financing Agreements, EBRD Guidelines, Policies and Rules, by respecting the objectives of the Client.

3.      Coordination of all aspects of Project implementation among the EBRD, the Client, state executive authorities and other various stakeholders.

4.      Ensuring that the Client meets all its obligations in respect to Financing Agreements and Co-financing Agreements including and not limited to:

a) fulfilling the terms of entry into force of the Financing Agreements

b) fulfilling the reporting obligations under the Financing Agreement sand Co-financing Agreements; and

c) fulfilling the conditions precedent to disbursements.

5.      Coordinate communication with other organizations and institutions, involved in the Project, as well as with the EBRD.

6.      Organization and holding of calls, meetings, workshops with relevant stakeholders on Projects implementation issues. Participation in meetings organized by other parties on Project implementation issues and liaison with other line function departments.

7.      Plan capacity building actions for the PMU staff.

8.      Monitoring and reporting on implemented capacity building activities.

9.      Ensuring compliance of the Project with the conditions of the Financing Agreements and EBRD rules and requirements at all times.

10.  Ensure Project management planning and processes, including governance structures for the Project, quality control, environmental and social management and risks management.

11.  Ensure solutions of the organizational and logistical problems arising for the good management of the project implementation. Preparation and submitting the list of necessities and/or adjustments for the targeted accomplishments.

12.  Advice on managing scope issues, reviewing Project related changes escalated to the Client, Co-financiers by providing assessment and analysis as required.

13.  Monitor and reporting to Project stakeholders on all aspects of Project implementation.

    4.2       Technical support

  1. In cooperation with the Consultants (when applicable), preparation of requirements for goods, works and services procured under the Project.

  2. Ensuring that all necessary licenses and permits required for carrying out the works are in place as needed by the Project.

  3. Review any technical issues (with assistance of engineer, if necessary) at all stages of tender process and contract administration and participate in the resolution processes as required by the Project implementation.

  4. Participation in the verification of reports, acts and invoices submitted by suppliers, contractors and consultants for works performed and goods supplied and services provided.

  5. Provision of support to the suppliers, contractors and consultants with custom clearance and other fiscal or similar duties assigned to the Client through contractual documents.

  6. Participation in the testing and commissioning of goods and works procured under the Project (whenever the case).

  7. Data collection including site visits and/or meetings when needed and submission of technical information required for reporting or at the request of the Projects Co-financiers and other stakeholders including participation in site visits and meetings when needed.

    4.3       Procurement and contract administration

1.      Preparation, updating and coordination with the Project stakeholders of the Projects procurement plans and report on deviations.

2.      Review of tender documentation submitted by the Procurement Expert.

3.      Submission of tender documentation for Bank’s review and coordination of responses to Bank’s comments, if any.

4.      Carrying out tenders in accordance with the procurement plans and the EBRD PPR.

5.      Organization and coordination of the Evaluation Committees.

6.      Submission of the Evaluation Reports to the Evaluation Committees for approval

7.      Participation, as applicable, as observer/expert in the Evaluation Committees meetings.

8.      Submission of evaluation reports for Bank’s review and coordination of responses to Bank’s requests for clarification, if any.

9.      Participation in the preparation of contracts and negotiations with the winning contractors, suppliers and consultants.

10.  Submission of negotiated contracts for signing to the Client’s administration and winning contractors, suppliers and consultants.

11.  Provision of support to the Client in handling project’s procurement related complaints.

12.  Administration/management of signed contracts with suppliers, contractors and consultants, including dispute resolution and claims’ management.

13.  Ensure that at all time the Client receives appropriate contracts management advice on any issue related to contracts administration.

14.  Cooperation with the Contractors on all Projects-related issues to ensure that the quality and speed of Project implementation is satisfactory to the Projects Co-financiers.

    4.4       Reporting

3        Data collection and preparation of all relevant reports to comply with the reporting requirements of the Financing Agreements. This includes, inter alia:

3.3  Project monthly/quarterly/annual progress reports

3.4  Procurement reports

3.5  Financial and disbursement reports

3.6  Site visits reports

3.7  Operational Health and Safety reports

3.8  Companies’ financial statements and audit reports (if applicable)

3.9  Environmental and social reports

4        Preparation and submission of the necessary information at the request of the Projects Co-financiers, the Client, and other Project stakeholders.

5        Maintaining procedures, records and accounts adequate to monitor Project implementation progress.

    4.5       Accounting and Financial Management

  1. Ensure maintaining financial accounting of and control over the Project funds in accordance with the relevant laws of Republic of Moldova, the Client internal financial management rules and procedures and the requirements stated in the Financing Agreements.

2.      Preparation and coordination of annual budgets for Project and budgets for the operating costs of PMU (individual consultants).

3.      Control over the implementation of budgets for Project and the budget of the PMU (individual consultants).

4.      In collaboration with the contractors, suppliers and consultants working under the Project, preparation of the quarterly and yearly disbursement forecast for all contracts to be financed under the Project.

5.      Opening and maintaining a Special Account for payments under contracts with individual consultants - employees of the PMU.

  1. Verification of the financial part of the reports, bank guarantees, payment certificates, taking-over certificates, acts and invoices submitted by suppliers, contractors and consultants for work performed and equipment supplied.

  2. Preparation and submission of disbursement requests to the Projects Co-financiers for the payment of invoices of contractors, suppliers and consultants, in accordance with Projects Co-financiers’ requirements.

8.      Accounting of PMU and off-balance sheet accounting of Project funds.

  1. Monitoring of payments under contracts, and submission of relevant information and reports to the Projects Co-financiers.

  2. Accounting and storage of bank guarantees or collateral amounts provided by tenderers, contractors and suppliers as securities.

  3. Preparation of the necessary materials to verify the implementation of the Project by Project’s Co-financiers.

  4. Preparation and submission of reports and reference materials to the supervising state authorities of the Republic of Moldova.

  5. Preparation and submission of any financial management reports and information to the Projects Co-financiers.

  6. Preparation and facilitation of information and records for the periodic audits of the Special Account.


4.6  Other

Perform any other functions that ensure the implementation of the Projects in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, Financing Agreements, and instructions of the Client and the Bank.


It is envisaged that two (2) individual experts on full time basis and three (3) experts on part-time basis will be hired to perform all of the functions listed in section 4.




Project Manager


PIU Director

Procurement Expert


Project Manager

Accounting, Financial and Disbursement Expert


Project Manager

Environmental and Social Expert


Project Manager

Technical expert in civil engineering


Project Manager

The Terms of Reference of these individual experts will provide for their duties.



Project Manager

The Project Manager reports to the PIU Director and is responsible for the overall management and results of the Project and for coordination with the Projects Co-financiers. The Project Manager will ensure that all activities financed under the Project will be implemented in accordance with the applicable laws of the Republic of Moldova and the undertakings and provisions of the Project Financing Agreements[2]. The Project Manager is responsible for liaising between the Client, PIU and Project’s Co-Financiers to ensure that the PMU is established, adequately equipped, staffed and that it operates effectively discharging its obligations.


  1. Organize, coordinate, integrate, and monitor operations of the PMU and the institutions involved in the Project during its preparation and implementation. The Project Manager will ensure the timely implementation of all Project and reporting to Project stakeholders.

  2. General planning and management of all matters related to the PMU role in Project.

  3. Provision of functions for the implementation of the Project in accordance with the provisions of this Terms of Reference.

  4. Participation and control over the implementation of other Project management functions.

  5. Fulfilment of instructions and orders of the authorized representative of the Client related to the Project.

  6. Within its competence, representation of the Client and the PIU in relations with the Project’s Co-financiers, government, project stakeholders, contractors, suppliers and consultants as well as other third parties.

7.      Develop and supervise implementation of standardized administrative and operating procedures for the PMU, including but not limited to maintenance of record-keeping and data storage systems; accounting and reporting formats for financial transactions of the project; procurement and contract monitoring system, etc.;

8.      Regularly monitor the status of project activities (by drafting and updating preparation and implementation plans and schedules, operational manuals, payment projections, etc.), including by drafting and submitting comprehensive progress reports, as mandated under the terms and conditions of the specific Financing Agreement; drafting proposed changes to project documents to reflect the expected results; and delivering other reports regarding the Project (such as annual reviews and semi-annual financial statements);

9.      Take part in development, improvement, and implementation of procedures envisaged under the annual project budget; preparation of supplementary budgets where required; and cooperate with finance staff of the PIU, Project’s Co-financiers, and the Ministry of Finance to ensure all expected Project investments are duly planned and budgeted;

10.  Ensure that all documents prepared or approved by the Client under the Project complies with the relevant laws of the Republic of Moldova as well as with the Co-financiers’ relevant rules and regulations;

11.  Prepare and submit periodically project reports progress reports to the Client, Project’s Co-Financiers and relevant project stakeholders as required by financing documents;

12.  Oversee day-to-day activities of the PMU, evaluate performance and operational effectiveness (including ongoing staff evaluation and feedback on their performance), and recommend changes where necessary;

  1. Planning and directing the work of the subordinate Experts listed in clause 4 of this Terms of Reference to ensure the efficient use of human resources and financing.

  2. Ensuring compliance with the requirements of the applicable labour legislation and the conditions of individual employment contracts with the subordinate Experts of the PMU;

  3. Preparation and justification of decisions on the extension / non-extension of the employment contracts with the subordinate Experts of the PMU;

  4. Ensuring the most efficient use of project funds, human resources, working time, the development and implementation of the necessary administrative and working measures for these purposes;

  5. Implementation of other responsibilities for the management and organization of the necessary work to ensure the implementation of Projects in accordance with the EBRD Guidelines, Financing Agreements, and the laws of the Republic of Moldova;

  6. Organise and coordinate communication activities;

  7. Ensure implementation of the project in accordance with agreed environmental and social standards, including the actions agreed in the Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP).

Qualification requirements:

I)                    General experience and qualifications:

a)        General Qualifications

·           University high degree/diploma in relevant field;

·           Additional knowledge and experience gained from international educational institutions would be considered an advantage.

·           Romanian, English and Russian languages fluency in speaking, reading and writing is mandatory.

·           Advanced level of PC skills, knowledge and practical skills of using standard MS packages/products.

b)        General Professional Experience

·           At least 5 years managerial experience.

·           Experience in the public sector would be considered an advantage.

II)                 Specific experience

·               Successful experience in working with local public authorities: at least 5 years leadership / coordination role on projects with IFIs or similar institutions.

·               At least 3 years’ experience in implementation of infrastructure projects financed by IFIs; Experience in implementation of projects financed by EU institutions would be an advantage; 

·               Experience and expertise in performing the tasks required in the ToRs;

·               Experience in Moldova’s international projects is considered an asset;

·               Knowledge of the EBRD Procurement Policies and Rules would be considered an advantage;

·               Knowledge of the FIDIC Conditions of Contracts would be considered an advantage.




The assignment is expected to start in Q2 2023. The duration of the employment contract is 5 years subject to an annual evaluation of Expert’s performance mutually agreed among the Client and the Projects Co-Financiers. The Expert will be required to perform her/his duties over 12 calendar months during one calendar year, full-time allocating 8 working hours per day.

The Consultant is expected to discharge all its duties at the Client’s Head Quarter. The Constant is expected to perform on average e 19 days per month.  However, the Consultant shall claim each month only for the number of days effectively works, but no more than 22 working days per month. 

The Consultant shall request the Client’s prior approval for annual leave or for non statutory leave of absence. Such request shall be sent to the Client with at least three (3) weeks prior to the intended leave. The Client shall have the right to reject the Consultant request if his/her absence during the requested period is likely to affect negatively the implementation of the Project.

On the Consultant shall promptly notify to the Client on any event that triggers all other statutory leaves (such as sick/medical leave, parental leave, etc) by providing information about the nature of the leave and the expected duration of the Consultant’s absence.

The Client will have the right to ask for the contract to be terminated / replacement found of Expert due to non-performance.

The Client will provide the Expert with full: logistics, serviced and maintained office accommodation in the PIU office.

The Expert will subordinate and submit the monthly activity reports (for approval) to the Director of the PIU on all aspects of the assignment progress.

All documentation produced by the Expert under this assignment is and will remain the property of the Client. The Expert shall not publish, use or dispose of this documentation without the written consent of the Client.

Documents should be submitted by email on platform, no later than Friday, 12 of April 2023, by 12:00 PM. Only those shortlisted will be contacted.

[1] EBRD Loan Agreement, EIB Financing Contract, relevant donor/investment grant agreements, any other related financing documents.
[2] EBRD Loan Agreement, EIB Financing Contract, relevant donor/investment grant agreements, any other related financing documents.